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Capitalise on the richness of your textual data

Proxem Studio is a SaaS software suite specially designed for collecting, analysing and visualising textual data. The semantic analysis software is multilingual, multi-source and multi-subject, efficiently handling text from across domains and specialisations. It manages internal data (emails, surveys, documents,...) as well as data from the web and social media.

Create a global understanding of the themes and opinions expressed in texts

Thanks to artificial intelligence, the text mining software automatically reveals the relevant textual themes. Based on these themes, the user can create a classification plan by organising the concepts and opinions expressed, according to their business expertise. This classification plan allows us to obtain a quantitative overview and to identify weak signals.

Get the best decision-making tool to optimise your business processes

The software includes customisable reporting modules: automated reports and dashboards with dynamic graphs and advanced filtering options. Also equipped with a real-time alert system, it can accelerate decision-making by identifying performance evolution, priorities, risks and opportunities.

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Proxem Studio

Proxem Studio collects, analyzes, and visualizes textual data for businesses.

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