Hector, our chatbot advisor, responds to the most frequent customer requests, is connected to your internal tools and guides users to the most appropriate services. Available 24/7, Hector remains modest and knows its limits, so he will connect users with customer support agents when the demand expressed requires human expertise. Once your chatbot advisor set up, you will capitalize on the topics most frequently addressed in your customer requests, to evolve according to your desires, and your needs!


Four weeks will be needed to teach Hector the workings of your organization, the chatbot is then set up and accessible via instant messaging interfaces such as Messenger, or integrated as a pop-up to your company’s site. The support teams are autonomous to make their knowledge base evolve, and take the lead in an exchange with a client if necessary. In a few weeks, Hector will become the perfect assistant for your human advisors, and a faithful and reliable interlocutor for your clients.

Improvement of Customer Experience
Decrease in request processing time for customer support teams