Our Smart Reply module allows you to set up suggested answers, associated with patterns detected in the content of the message you recieved. You can then connect this email analytics system and automatically generate draft responses directly in your work email interface. Thus, in one click, you can visualize the topis addressed in the received email, and benefit from a tool which will help you write your answer in a few seconds. You can enrich your system of automatic responses by using a simple user-friendly module accessible in SaaS.


A few weeks will be necessary to identify the most frequently mentionned themes in the emails received by your organization, and to associate them with personalized answers, totally personalised to your company. This tool for writing answers to emails can then be integrated directly into your internal messaging application. You can upgrade your tool, by adding or modifying different answers, or by improving your knowledge base. You will also be able to benefit from a reporting tool to quantify the topics covered.

Improve both your productivity and your customer experience
Decrease the processing time of incoming emails