Proxem Conference

Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing to improve Customer Experience: understand everything in 45 ‘

François-Régis Chaumartin, Founder & VP Data Science – Proxem, will present the latest advancements in deep learning applied to automatic language processing, which have improved the results of all NLP tasks.

This conference will explain, in simple terms, the recent models: BERT, ELMo, ULM-FiT, XLNet … However, mixing symbolic and statistical approaches remains essential for successful projects.

The speaker, also author of the book “Traitement automatique des langues – Comprendre les textes grâce à l’intelligence artificielle” (Automatic Language Processing – Understanding texts using artificial intelligence) – Dunod edition, 2020, will illustrate this duality in concrete cases with the use of Proxem Studio.

  • Where? Paris – Porte de Versailles, Hall 4 (room to confirm).
  • When? Date to come.