Human Resources

Use employee experience and talent management as an opportunity to increase engagement and innovation

Analyse employee engagement continuously to measure motivation and performance

Our semantic and sentiment analysis software allows real-time analysis of employee experience though different sources: social barometers, annual interviews, engagement surveys, focus groups, e-reputation, etc.

The analysis of employee feedback makes it possible to objectively identify actionable insights such as: desires of career advancement, well-being at work, psychosocial risks factors, training needs, managerial effectiveness, perception of the employer brand…

Proxem Studio allows you to measure and manage employee engagement by putting employees at the center of the HR transformation strategy. It provides a quantitative overview and helps detect weak signals in order to better understand the employee experience and define appropriate action plans.

Optimise your recruitment and internal mobility processes to boost your human capital

The semantic analysis software also optimises and saves time on recruitment sourcing and internal talent mobility.

Proxem Studio handles internal and external data to enable HR professionals to:

benefit from relevant CV/job offer matching by automatically detecting skills, career paths, experiences…
find the best profile through a powerful semantic search engine allowing the selection of the best candidates or internal talents for a job offer or a position
customize a search for candidates or job offers using an advanced filter and multi-criteria search
automate the input of profiles when sourcing or updating internal profiles
map internal skills to identify emerging talents or training needs
capitalise the entire recruitment and internal mobility process on a single HR application or in your existing HR software.

Get the best decision-making tool to focus on your value-added expertise: people

Proxem Studio helps HR teams to improve their indicators : Recruitment Quality Index, Internal Mobility Rate, well being score,… by enabling HR teams to objectively analyse their actions and decisions.

Whether you want to reduce the time spent on sourcing candidates or to analyse employee feedback: the software is a real driver of innovation for HR teams, allowing them to concentrate on tasks with a high added value.

We provide you with a powerful but ethical technology that lets the user modify and personalise their text analysis project.

Proxem Studio

Proxem Studio collects, analyzes, and visualizes textual data for businesses.

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