WizVille is a Customer Experience Management platform. Based in Paris, the software editor for Customer Feedback Management helps companies improve their performance through customer reviews.

Can you introduce yourself and WizVille?

My name is Timothée de Laitre and I am CEO and co-founder of WizVille. After a business school and a first experience of entrepreneurship in the field of customer reviews, I created WizVille in 2012, convinced that the companies that succeed tomorrow, will be those that manage to place customer reviews at the heart of their decision-making processes.

WizVille is a complete Customer Experience Management platform designed for the growth of large companies. Based on the collection and analysis of customer feedback, our solution allows companies to involve all of their teams and collaborators in the optimization and enhancement of Customer Experiences.

We help them to adapt continuously to the changing needs and expectations of consumers, to gain a more loyal and promising clientele and, ultimately, to generate continuous and sustainable growth. On average, our customers grew their NLP by 10% each year and increase their ratings on public customer review platforms by 20%.

What are the criteria that a brand must consider in order to succeed in its Customer Relationship?

  • Listening to their customers and taking their feedback into account. In a multichannel context, this listening must be offered on all contact channels and throughout the customer journey.
  • Create a customer-centric corporate culture: all employees have a role to play in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Everyone must therefore be involved in this process of improving customer relations.
  • Differentiate yourself through the Customer Experience through continuous optimization of the experiences offered, based on customer feedback. By taking into account customer feedback and new expectations today, it will be possible to build Customer Loyalty and stand out tomorrow.

What is special about WizVille in the Customer Feedback Management landscape?

One of the great strengths of WizVille is the fact that we are an all-in-one solution which offers not only tools for collecting and analyzing customer feedback but also additional modules allowing companies to better manage spontaneous customer feedback, broadcast on Google, Facebook, Tripadvisor and disseminate their own customer reviews …

Our approach is also more strategic than that of our competitors. We have developed a range of proprietary tools which all seek to go further than what is currently available on the market. In particular, we offer our customers continuous and very in-depth management of the satisfaction and feelings of their audiences.

We provide all employees in the company, from top management (CEO and DAF) to middle management (DM, Sales & SAV), through field teams, a real new growth lever of which we know that it will be decisive for the future of businesses.

What more does Semantic Analysis bring to a customer listening project?

In a customer listening approach, Semantic Analysis allows us to go much further in understanding customer expectations and needs. Without this tool, it would be impossible to correctly synthesize the large amounts of data that we collect via the open questions of our satisfaction surveys.

This helps us to more easily convert this free feedback into strategic and operational optimization levers for our customers.

Can you describe the different projects and the results of your collaboration with Proxem?

Today the Proxem solution is used by 5 of our retail customers with store networks in the fashion sector. Proxem’s Semantic Analysis allows our users to synthesize the shared verbatim in the answers to the open questions that we collect via the WizVille questionnaires, which relate to Customer Satisfaction with their purchasing experiences. Thanks to this technology, our customers save time and understand customer feedback, and can therefore be more precise in the action plans put in place to improve their Customer Experience.

Each verbatim is analyzed and the associated themes and tones emerge, in accordance with a verbatim classification plan jointly decided between the WizVille teams, the brand that uses WizVille, and Proxem. WizVille presents this classification directly in all its interfaces (email reports, online platform) in the form of adapted data visualizations, in order to allow our users to enrich their analysis of customer feedback.

This enriched data is useful in the daily analysis of feedback by field teams, but also for strategic analyzes carried out by management, which allow them to understand precisely the points of satisfaction or dissatisfaction about their brands and act in confidence at the most strategic level.

What are the perspectives for evolution?

We believe that the Feedback Management and applications of the partnership with Proxem could go beyond the fashion sector, but also beyond the analysis of customer feedback relating to in-store shopping experiences.

Indeed, the Customer Experience is now omnichannel and the key to business success lies in optimizing all of their experiences: web, customer service, product … All experiences must be positive, it is the requirement for consumers today!

We therefore hope to develop projects in these areas with Proxem, but we are already encouraging our customers to add this technology to their devices as soon as we have the opportunity.

What do you think are the major trends in your industry?

Today more than 60% of companies have implemented a Customer Feedback Management tool, but many lack the time or the means to properly use the data collected.

In the coming years, we will therefore develop new tools to facilitate this process and help companies to transform their customer reviews even more easily into a growth engine.