On the use case side:
feedback from ENGIE

“Improve Customer Satisfaction through analysis of the Voice of the Customer”

Looking at how to improve Customer Satisfaction and reduce attrition in the energy sector? Engie did just that, thanks to Proxem’s Semantic Analysis of multi-source customer verbatim.

We no longer present the company Engie, leader in energy, known for the supply of gas but also of electricity to individuals, professionals and communities. What is less known is that Engie has been mobilizing for years around the Customer Experience and has put it at the heart of its business plan. Being able to analyze customer verbatim is essential to allow the company to understand the reasons why a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied in order to act and re-engage the client.

Thanks to the analysis of multi-channel customer verbatim with Proxem Studio, Engie was able to democratize and make known what were the main irritants of the experience for the customer, on each of the reference routes. And thus be more relevant in the implementation of the proposed actions. Proxem Studio has enabled the company to improve their overall Customer Satisfaction thanks to the adaptation of the Engie offer.

  • Where? Paris Convention Center – Grand Amphitheatre
  • When? Monday September 14, from 3:20 p.m. to 3:40 p.m.

On the techno side:
Proxem workshop

“NLP, AI and Machine Learning in 2020: from R&D to concrete uses”

François-Régis Chaumartin, founder and CEO of Proxem, will present the latest advancements in deep learning applied to automatic language processing, which have improved the results of all NLP tasks.

This conference will explain, in simple terms, the recent models: BERT, ELMo, ULM-FiT, XLNet … However, mixing symbolic and statistical approaches remains essential for successful projects.

The speaker, also author of the book “Traitement automatique des langues – Comprendre les textes grâce à l’intelligence artificielle” (Automatic Language Processing – Understanding texts using artificial intelligence) – Dunod edition, 2020, will illustrate this duality in concrete cases with the use of Proxem Studio.

  • Where? Paris Convention Center – Room E
  • When? Monday September 14, from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.