Collect and aggregate
all textual data

Connect is a module for importing and collecting data from the web that lets you discover and aggregate large volumes of textual data

Semantics at the service of web data collection

Connect uses unique web data collection technologies to discover countless sources of relevant content on the web and on social networks

All your sources in a single tool

Emails, documents, databases, SMS, and social networks: Connect aggregates and consolidates all of your sources for a multichannel device

Real-time aggregation

Once configured, the connectors are automatically fed with the latest available content, analyzed as it comes though

Main features

Semantic expansion

Query the web through the generation of search keywords

Social networks

Analyze Facebook and Twitter in real time and identify trends

Importing from Excel

Easily integrate your content from your favorite spreadsheet

Discovery of sources

Collect data from the Web from sources relevant to your problem

BI connectors

Automatically tap into your usual BI tools

API integration

Communicate directly with our import / export APIs

Proxem Studio modules


Collect and aggregate all textual data


Automatically organize your content


Fully explore the wealth of your data


Broadcast the right information in real time

Proxem Studio

Proxem Studio collects, analyzes, and visualizes textual data for businesses.

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