Fully explore the wealth
of your textual data

Explore is a web application for exploring and visualizing textual data that enables you to easily see the big picture in volumes of text.

A semantic search engine

Filter and explore your data with our numerous search features

Custom visualization

See the big picture of main themes and trends through the power of visualization

Analysis and synthesis

Explore lets you zoom in and out as you wish, from a global vision to weak signals and vice versa

Main features

Multicriteria search

Combine search keywords and advanced criteria

Histogram and treemap

Quantify and weigh your issues

Track trends

Measure the changes of a theme in time


Compare your structured data (sociodemographic data, scores, sources)

Tag clouds

View the vocabulary and salient expressions of a project

Over-representation analysis

Detect correlations between variables

Proxem Studio modules


Collect and aggregate all textual data


Automatically organize your content


Fully explore the wealth of your data


Broadcast the right information in real time

Proxem Studio

Proxem Studio collects, analyzes, and visualizes textual data for businesses.

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