VivaTech, the global meeting of technology startups and leaders to celebrate Innovation, will take place from 16th until the 18th of May 2019 at the Porte de Versailles, Hall 1 in Paris.

Proxem, one of the laureate startups of the “Data Health & Pseudonymisation” Challenge by Sanofi for VivaTech, will be at Stand J41-001, in the Tech4Health Lab, on May 16-17-18!

Founded in 2007, Proxem is the French pioneer of Semantic Analysis of textual data for businesses.

Proxem has created the best Semantic Analysis Software in its sector, integrating advanced Machine Learning functionalities. A Big Data and digital transformation actor, Proxem is an innovative SME. We analyze large volumes of text to transform large quantities of information into data and knowledge. We help companies to think more about their market and make better decisions. Proxem offers its own Software Platform for the collect and exploration of textual data as well as study reports for end-users.

30 years of R&D in Artificial Intelligence applied to semantics has enabled us to develop the Proxem Studio, an agile, modular and user-friendly application that enables companies to collect, analyze, explore and visualize textual Big Data in real time. Proxem Studio is a multi-language and multi-source SaaS Software solution that analyzes more than 25 languages ​​natively.

Key players in the pharmaceutical and medical industry are facing the challenges of exploiting increasing volumes of textual information. This information has become the new Eldorado of Research and Innovation, with the primary goal being improving patient health. Proxem Studio, our multilingual and multi-source SaaS Software Suite, helps these players analyze millions of documents to extract relevant knowledge.

Anonymity of identities in computerized patient records is also one of these challenges. Our 30 years of R&D in Semantic Analysis, symbolic IA and Statistical Learning allow us to intervene on these projects of pseudonymisation of medical documents carrying identifying personal information.