Proxem Software

The semantic analysis application of reference for business

Proxem Software is a software suite in SaaS mode for collecting and analyzing textual data that can process millions of documents in all languages to extract actionable information

The best semantic analysis of the market

Tried and tested on millions of documents, Proxem Software’s semantic analysis is the best there is when it comes to accuracy and richness.

A software suitable for all kinds of issues

Proxem Software’s agile and modular structure makes it the ideal tool for all your projects, whatever your profile, job, or experience in textual data.

Solutions designed to last

Built using recognized technological components and a state-of-the-art architecture, Proxem Software evolves alongside your challenges, while easily integrating into your business applications or website

Main uses

Content classification

Organize all your textual data according to a classification scheme

Information discovery

Identify potential information mines and new sources

Recommendation engine

Automatically suggest relevant content to users

Detection of weak signals

Identify risks and opportunities and convert them into action plans

Global analysis

See the big picture in vast volumes of textual data

Semantic indexing

Enrich and annotate your content to always find specific items

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