Over the past 10 years, Proxem’s text mining solutions have contributed to the success of over a 100 Big Data Analytics projects for a variety of clients, including market heavy weights such as Air Liquide, Auchan and Total. These companies have been able to better understand the big picture of their market, detect risks and opportunities, and make better commercial decisions thanks to Proxem’s technologies. Proxem Studio, a complete text mining solution for business expertsUsing the knowledge acquired through these practical experiences and the expertise of a UX design agency, Proxem has designed a text analytics software suite adapted for business experts that does not require any technical IT skills. Business users can autonomously perform any analysis on their data, regardless of their profile, businesses interests, and without writing a single line of computer code.

“Proxem Studio is the result of 20 years of cumulative Research & Development. This application is fully in line with Proxem’s ambition to give the user a maximum level of autonomy. The ergonomics of the application radically simplifies the complex work of language processing and helps the user to avoid blank page syndrome, offering companies new perspectives in semantic analysis. This launch marks a turning point in our development; offering a powerful decision-making tool, enabling companies to respond to their market’s challenges and significantly increase their competitiveness.” said François-Régis Chaumartin, Founder and CEO of Proxem

Live demonstration at Big Data World in London

At the upcoming Big Data World event, Proxem will demonstrate in live the business opportunities created by deep learning and text mining technology:

  • Conference “Web mining and text mining driving the digital transformation of businesses”
    March 15, 13:35-14:00, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI Theatre

    François-Régis Chaumartin and Killian Daly will offer a live demonstration of the business opportunities that can be identified by Proxem Studio. They will show how deep learning technology was applied to an Air Liquide project. This resulted in the detection of weak signals amidst the ocean of information available on the web and lead to the discovery of information enabling Air Liquide to develop a ground-breaking innovation.


  • François-Régis Chaumartin, Founder and CEO of Proxem
  • Killian Daly, Digital Project Coordinator at Air Liquide
  • Panel debate Artificial Intelligence: What can it do for business processes?”

March 16-, 11:05-11:40, Data Analytics, Machine Learning & AI Theatre
François-Régis Chaumartin, Founder and CEO of Proxem, will host the panel debate on the importance of AI in business.

  • Stand: Proxem will also be present during the whole event at stand 1450.


About Proxem:

Proxem is the French pioneer in semantic analysis for business. For 10 years, Proxem has provided SaaS software solutions to analyse large volumes of textual data in real time, thus allowing the user to extract relevant information from both the Web and internal company data. Today, Proxem enables market leaders such as Total (petrol), Buffalo Grill (restauration) and Carrefour (retail) to improve their decision making processes in Human Resources, Customer Experience and Market Intelligence.