Virtual Assistants

Automate business processes with Artificial Intelligence to allow your team to focus on high value-added tasks

Intelligent and Automated-Learning Chatbots for your Clients and Employees

With its Artificial Intelligence Engine and state-of-the-art language processing technology, Proxem’s Chatbot Studio enables you to quickly and easily implement customized conversational agents that are tailored to your business. Give your customers and employees a fluid user-experience and immediate answers to their needs with a Chatbot that’s available in more than 25 languages ​​and active 24/7 to optimize your processes (HR, customer service, helpdesk, events …).

Email Response Assistant

Help your support departments achieve operational excellence with an Email Response Assistant that is natively integrated with your email. The messages are perfectly interpreted by the Artificial Intelligence allowing automation & routing towards the most relevant team members, and to prioritize them according to the level of importance. You gain valuable time with suggested answers for the most common requests. Coupled with the Explore and Report modules, you can also audit the reasons of incoming requests by themes, tone and create automated reporting.

Automatic Moderation and Compliance

Process the growing volume of comments on your product listings, forums, and social networks more efficiently. Real-time analysis allows automatic sorting of all messages and can block inappropriate content. Proxem Studio also allows you to analyze your comment history on your customer files (CRM) to identify potentially non-compliant content, anonymize it, and locate sensitive personal information to assist you in your GDPR compliance.

Long Document Analysis

With automated analysis of Call for Tenders, contracts or technical documentations, you have an automated AI assistant that helps you to sort through the wealth of information you have and guides you to find the key information you need in a mass of information. Artificial Intelligence automatically annotates all your documents, highlights the risks & relevant paragraphs to read first and helps you to write summary notes. The semantic search engine allows you to find the key information you need more quickly and easily.

Proxem Studio

Proxem Studio collects, analyzes, and visualizes textual data for businesses.

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